Stop! Quiet! Off!: A Tool for Training

Lea Jaratz

Stop! Quiet! Off! Training Spray Captain here is a real cutie, huh? Ask his mom, Embracer Katie, about how cute his obsessive barking habit is. Not super cute. Nope. No one thinks barking at the mailman during the baby’s nap is cute. No one.

Most dogs have that one behavior that their people have just learned to live with. Counter surfing. Chewing remote controls. Jumping on company. Rude behaviors that many of us just deal with. But, Stop! Quiet! Off! offers relief for some of these pesky behaviors.

The concept is a simple twist on a long-standing training technique: spray the dog. In days past, we’d spray the dog with water to get him to stop whatever cheeky behavior he was in the middle of. But Stop! Quiet! Off! adds an odor that dogs find unpleasant, creating an extra deterrent. Spray the Stop! Quiet! Off! directly onto a dog’s chest when they’re acting up, give your correction word (“no,” “stop,” “leave it”) and the dog moves on to his next activity.

We asked Katie to test Stop! Quiet! Off! as a behavioral aid on Captain, as he’s been a regular guinea pig for our anxiety and behavior products. We also gave a bottle to Sara with Henry, who’s got a similar “cute dog trying to get away with it” complex. Katie felt that, when sprayed directly onto the dog, the Stop! Quiet! Off! spray was great at interrupting the barking sequence, because he didn’t like being sprayed. Like most deterrent tools, you have to catch the dog in the act, so timing is everything. Both Captain and Henry learned when the spray was coming and would stop in order to avoid getting busted. While neither dog has halted their bad behavior altogether yet, Captain is clearly aware of that bottle when it’s out and that might be enough to make him think twice.

Dog Training Spray - Stop! Quiet! Off!I sometimes like to read up on what Amazon users thought about a product that we’re reviewing, because they’re “just regular people,” not product reviewers. I thought this testimonial was rather helpful:

“I am a pet sitter because I love dogs. At times I have up to six in my home at once. If the dogs don't know the routine, they learn it quickly. I was introduced to this spray about a year ago. Taught to use it only when a dog doesn't obey my verbal commands, I rarely have to actually use the spray more than a couple times on a particular dog.”

What this review tells me, in conjunction with our testing, is that if a dog is in the middle of a one-off rude behavior, Stop! Quiet! Off! is the go to tool. But, for dogs like Captain and Henry, with routinely bad habits, the Stop! Quiet! Off! is just one element in the arsenal of training, along with patience, consistency, and repetition.

Would you like to add Stop! Quiet! Off! to your training toolbox? Entering to win your own bottle and holster couldn’t be easier.

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