Win a Custom Caricature from Snailbird

Lea Jaratz

Win a custom caricature from Snailbird in MarchEvery pet has that one feature, one characteristic that defines their appearance. For my guy Lyger, it is definitely his mismatched ears. With Kayden, most people comment on his one spotty foot, but for me, when I think of his signature “stink eye” I can’t help but smile. He’s just got this way of looking at you out of the corner of his eye that lets you know he’s happy.

Illustrator and Designer Nikki Jeske (aka Snailbird) sees these little special somethings about the pets and animals in her world, which is what makes her work so endearing. We were so thrilled with the caricature she did for Devo, one of our Embraced pets last year (check him out on the right),  that we’re partnering up with her again to giveaway another custom drawing!

To enter, comment on this post telling us about your pet’s trademark look. Is it their smile that makes you smile every time you see them? Is it the way their tail tilts to the left or their feet point just a little bit inward? What about your pet is simply irresistible?

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