Chunky Chews for Cabin Fever Giveaway

Lea Jaratz

Cabin fever gets to the best of us and our pets are no exception. Kayden is conflicted, hating the cold but hating to be cooped up even more. Since we’re not getting the walks and runs in he’s used to in warmer weather, we’ve got to find ways to keep his mind occupied indoors. Sometimes that’s practicing a few tricks. Sometimes it’s letting him work on a chew. But, finding chew treats that last more than a few minutes can be a challenge, which makes Chunky Chews that much more appealing.

The folks at PetAg took pity on our pitty and sent him a Chunky Chew Natural Braided ring of rawhide. Because it’s three times heavier than other rawhides on the market this thing is like a brick of fun, perfect for our boy to munch on as he hibernates for the winter. Kayden worked at it a little bit here and there over the course of a week or so, but when I went in to take a picture for this post, it was gone! Not a trace left behind, thanks in part to the non-staining formula, but mostly due to its delicious crunchy chewiness.

Other shapes and sizes are available too, because some dogs prefer bone shapes or knots. Kayden thought the ring was the perfect shape to carry around and show off.

Looking for a quick fix for your pup’s cabin fever? Enter our Rafflecopter giveaway today to win a free Chunky Chew from PetAg!

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