Catit Products Keep Cats Happy

Lea Jaratz

Catit Speed Circuit Since the 1950’s Hagen has been a pet product brand we’ve known for exciting, colorful, and fun pet accessories. Probably some products you grew up with were Hagen and you didn’t even realize it. (Habitrail anyone?) We’re so excited that we were asked to try out two fun Hagen products, Catit Design Senses Speed Circuit and the Feed Maze. Our office cats often feel left out when the dogs get to have all the testing fun, but these goodies from Hagen’s Catit line more than made up for any old grudges.

First up, play time! Hagen’s Speed Circuit was a hit with Embracer Carrie’s boy, Bruce (aka Bruce the Moose). I love this photo. You can just see how focused and excited he is about the circuit toy. His mom reports:

“He loved it!! [It] took him a while to get the hang of it, but once he figured it out, he was a speed demon. It was hard to get a picture, he was moving so fast!!”

Hagen describes the Speed Circuit as stimulating for a cat’s hearing as well as vision, giving them the opportunity to swat and bat at the balls. Meanwhile, the toys aren’t going to get pawed under the couch, beyond paw’s reach, causing the fun to end. The wildest part is that the ball lights up when it moves. So, it’s racing up and down ramps, blinking. No wonder Bruce loves it! You can even purchase expansion packs and make your cat’s play area that much more intense.

Now, check out the fantastic, customizable feeding area that Hagen has designed. This is too cool. You can start with the Food Maze, which encourages cats to play and hunt for their meals. You can make the challenge as difficult as your cat can stand and it’ll boost his exercise and mental wellness all while he eats. Then, partner this up with the Grass Garden kit, offering your cat digestive aids and additional nutrients, right near his feeding area. I love that it even offers acupressure massage on the cat’s paws. Massage and meals? Yes, please! Finish off with a Fresh & Clear fountain, and your cat’s nutrition and hydration needs are covered.


We’ve got not one, but two Catit products to give away. Double the winners! Use our Rafflecopter to enter our drawing to win either the Food Maze or the Speed Circuit. We hope to see pictures of some lucky cats enjoying them soon!

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