All Dogs Go to Kevin Book Review & Giveaway

Lea Jaratz

All Dogs Go To KevinI’m a creative non-fiction junkie. Astronauts’ Wives Club? Hit me. The Glass Castle? Yup. Anything David Sedaris? Yes, please! I’m also sort of a dog enthusiast (that’s kind of a requirement for this job), but haven’t really enjoyed a book about a dog since Where the Red Fern Grows (and that was when I was 11). So, when I heard that Dr. Jessica Vogelsang of Pawcurious was releasing her first book, All Dogs Go To Kevin, I was elated. If you’re already a follower of @pawcurious, you know why. If not, allow me to introduce you to the funniest, most heartwarming vet blogger I know.

Dr. V. is a compassionate vet who writes about her adventures in animal caregiving, often through the lens of her experiences as a mother and daughter. And, when I say adventures, I don’t mean the clinical, medical jargon-filled stories about weird objects from dogs’ abdomens or whatever other gross stuff happens at the after hours vet. Sure, she’s been there, but she’s also seen exotic species while helping pets in Peru, acted out patient visits using Barbies, and surfed with her dog. Her blog touches on family, cooking, and daily living, while managing to be loaded with quality photography and compassionate stories. Sure, she’s got some tearjerker posts, and chapters, every good pet book does. But she brings all the feels with the warm fuzzies too. She’s truly worth following, as the storytelling becomes more in-depth with each passing year.

She's more than just a vet turned blogger. She’s a vet turned mom turned volunteer turned hospice caregiver turned author, and her new book is everything I’d hoped for. All of the funny. All of the awkward, self-deprecating stories. All of the science and smarts. Even stories about her childhood dog pooping rainbows on the neighbor’s driveway. She’s not just a vet with insight about the human-dog bond. She’s a likeable and, for many of us, relatable person.

Ready to read the #1 new release in Animal and Pet Care Essays by a self-proclaimed “big-time dog person?” Yep. I’m ready to read it again.

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