Accident-Only Pet Insurance Plan

Which pets are eligible for the accident plan?

Cats or dogs may be too old or may have pre-existing conditions such as diabetes that make them ineligible for our full coverage accident & illness plan.

If your pet falls into any of the following categories at the time of enrollment, Embrace will only provide accident coverage for that pet:

  • Dogs and cats aged 15 years and over
  • Your pet has been diagnosed with or showing symptoms of diabetes or Cushing's disease

If your pet is enrolled with an accident & illness plan before these ages, that full coverage will continue for life. We will not drop your pet's coverage at a certain age, nor will we change it. Any changes in coverage are totally up to you.

What does the accident plan cover?

There are many things that qualify as accidents that Embrace covers including:

* Orthopedic conditions such as cruciate tears and broken bones are not covered for the first 6 months; however, you can reduce this waiting period down to 14 days by having your vet complete a simple orthopedic exam.

To help with routine care we also offer the following optional products:

  • Wellness Rewards for items such as annual check-ups, spay/neuter procedures, vaccines, heartworm medications, and more

How much does the accident plan reimburse?

An Embrace accident-only policy reimburses you up to $5,000 each year. There is a $100 deductible that you pay once per year and then you're reimbursed 90% of your veterinary bills.

What is not covered?

Learn about exclusions applicable to all Embrace policies and also familiarize yourself with our pre-existing condition guidelines.