Compare Embrace to Petplan

Below we've prepared a list of important comparison points between Embrace and Petplan. Both companies have top-rated customer service on, but we wanted to share some other information that may impact your out of pocket costs when you go to make a claim.

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  Wellness & Routine Care Coverage Icon Icon  
  Reimbursement Method deductible
then co-pay
co-pay then
  No Extra Fees Icon Icon
$3.00/pet every payment
  Yelp Score
*includes filtered reviews
4 stars* 3 stars*  

Wellness & Routine Care

Petplan does not offer a Wellness Plan. Embrace's Wellness Rewards is a stand-alone routine care product to help you pay for regular visits to your vet. If your vet charges $100 for a puppy wellness visit, that's how much Embrace will reimburse. Choose a company that promotes, rewards and encourages healthy pets.

Reimbursement Method

Petplan calculates claims differently than Embrace, subtracting the co-pay off the claimed amount first and then subtracting the deductible. Embrace calculates claim reimbursements by first subtracting the deductible and then taking off the co-pay. Embrace's method gets you more money back. If you have a $700 incident and a $200 deductible, Pet Plan's method will cost you $40 more out of pocket.

Extra Fees

Don't be nickel and dimed with fees. Petplan charges a $3.00 fee per pet, per payment when you pay monthly or quarterly using your credit card. These fees can add up, especially if you have multiple pets. Embrace prides itself on having no annual fees and no payment fees. Why pay additional fees, even if you're not using the insurance?

Yelp Reviews

Embrace continually strives to deliver a first-rate customer experience. This starts with your first interaction on the web, phone, or email, and continues through to your experience as a policy holder. We encourage you to be thorough in your review of our customer satisfaction scores and our competitors. We recommend taking into consideration the filtered reviews on Yelp as these often contain detailed opinions which highlight important areas for comparison among companies. When it comes to insurance it's best to put your trust in the hands of a company you can count on when filing claims.

This comparison of Petplan's insurance plans and coverage was wholly prepared by Embrace Pet Insurance Agency and last updated in January 2017. If you have questions about Petplan plans, prices, or coverage we encourage you to contact a representative of Petplan.