Illness Claims

Many of the conditions that people get, our pets get too. Arthritis, gastroenteritis, allergies, diabetes, and asthma may require visits to the veterinarian. And with pets living longer than ever, managing chronic conditions such as pancreatitis and asthma means that having pet insurance from an early age is the smart thing to do.

See how other pet parents have benefited from pet insurance coverage to help protect their pets from unforeseen illnesses.

Vet Bill

Claim Story

Dog Suffers Salmon Poisoning Disease
Madison suffers from life-threatening poisoning after eating raw fish.
Scottish Deerhound Suffers from Aspiration Pneumonia
Rawley experienced multiple bouts of aspiration pneumonia due to a swallowing disorder.
Heimdall's labored breathing and coughing was diagnosed as bacterial pneumonia.
Irritable Bowel Disease Leads to Complications
Ozzie's Irritable Bowel Disease led to deadly complications.
Invertebral Disc Rupture in French Bulldog
Muggsy's hind limb lameness is diagnosed as an invertebral disc rupture.
Spinal Cord Compression and Hind Limb Paralysis
Pudge suffers from hind end paralysis due to spinal cord compression.
Pug Suffers from Lung Lobe Torsion
One of Tina's lung lobes twisted and had to be removed.
Granulomatous Meningoencephalitis (GME)
Tink's balance issues were caused by a a rare inflammatory disease of the central nervous system.
Cat with Back Injury and Pancreatitis
Within just 2 months, Andy suffered both a debilitating back injury and a bout of pancreatitis
Blastomycosis in a Siberian Husky
Jack's bad cough turns into more than anyone bargained for.
Fibrocartilagenous Emboli in Labrador Retriever
Bauer was playing fetch when a fibrocartilagenous emboli paralyzed his back end.
Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (Bloat) in a Standard Poodle
Fresco was lucky. His pet parents knew the signs of bloat and took him to the emergency vet immediately.
Feline Diabetes
Tey-Tey's diabetes diagnosis required ongoing insulin therapy.
Pug Suffers from Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis and Shock
Bob went to the brink when a possible allergic reaction caused hemorrhagic gastroenteritis and shock.
Cavalier's Vomiting Diagnosed as Pancreatitis
When her pet parents came home to discover Lady vomiting, they rushed her to Huntington Veterinary Hospital.
Flat-Coated Retriever's Mystery Illness
Shadow's unexplained high temperature and low white blood cell count boggled his vets.
Hindlimb Weakness in Border Collie
Bolt's hind leg weakness was never definitively diagnosed but required both medication and physical therapy.
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Bloodwork, an ultrasound, and, finally, surgery help reveal that Otis was suffering from IBD.
Boston Terrier with Allergies
At 2 years old, Petunia visited the vet with a rash that would be diagnosed as a symptom of allergies.
Lead Poisoning in Pit Bull Mix
Inara was sick for weeks before a endoscopy found the cause of her problems - lead intoxication.
Pug's Pancreatitis Plight
Wrigley's snack from the garbage caused more than just a sour stomach.
Salivary Mucocele
The swelling on Sunee's neck is diagnosed as a salivary mucocele, a collection of saliva that leaked from a damaged salivary gland or duct
Acute Pancreatitis
Spike, a three-year old Rottweiler, is diagnosed at the emergency vet.
Golden Retriever with Gastroenteritis and Gastric Bleeding
When happy-go-lucky, energetic Oliver wasn't himself, his pet parent, Kaitlyn S., knew something was wrong.
Tetanus in Boxer Puppy
At 3 months old, Maggie contracted tetanus and had to spend a week at the vet.
Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis
Shayna was hospitalized for two days with hemorrhagic gastroenteritis.
Feline Asthma
Callie was short of breath and had a nasty cough.
The vet was never able to confirm if Lola's stomach issues were caused by a foreign body.