Pet Insurance Claims Embrace Has Paid

Sometimes seeing is believing. Our pet parents speak for themselves and tell you about the unexpected health issues their pets have faced and the claims Embrace has paid on their behalf.

Featured Claim: Jack Battles Blastomycosis

featured claim jack blastomycosis

Vet Bill: $3,034.87
Location: Warrenville, Illinois
Date: February - April 2012

Jack's bad cough turned into more than anyone bargained for. It took a specialist to diagnose Jack with Blastomycosis, a rare fungal infection.

Accident Claims
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accident claim hazel stomach surgery

Greyhound Swallows a Corn Cob
Vet Bill: $1,483.35
A stolen corn cob sat in Hazel's stomach for days before she went to the vet for X-rays and ultimately surgery.

Illness Claims
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illness claim pudge paralysis

English Bulldog has Spinal Cord Compression
Vet Bill: $7,411.49
Pudge's mom got him from a local breeder in June 2008. Just a week after he was neutered, he began to suffer from hind end paralysis due to spinal cord compression.

Genetic & Breed-Specific Condition Claims
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genetic claim elliot hip dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia in German Coolie Puppy
Vet Bill: $5,074.99
While hip dysplasia is a fairly common condition in aging dogs, it's not so common in puppies. Sadly, for Elliot Cool, he was the exception to the rule.

Cancer Claims
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cancer claim juno mast cell tumor

Mast Cell Tumor in Mixed Breed Dog
Vet Bill: $968.36
Months after adoption, Juno's poor family was devastated to discover he had developed multiple health concerns including seizures, skin lumps, masses and heartworm disease.

Wellness & Routine Care Claims
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wellness claim lady izza bell routine care

Kitten Exams & Spay
Vet Bill: $702.81
Routine care expenses for a new kitten can add up quickly. Luckily, Lady Izza Bell's spay and kitten exams were covered by Embrace Wellness Rewards.

Alternative Therapy Claims
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alternative therapy claim wally

Corgi Manages Pain with Alternative Therapies
Vet Bill: $1,455.00
Wally's pet parent wasn't satisfied when she was told Wally would need TPLO surgery so she looked for a second opinion. Alternative therapies have changed Wally's life.