Question: Will Embrace rates go up when the cat or dog reach a certain age?

Our policy premiums go up every year based on the increase health risks as your cat or dog ages and veterinary inflation. But because our policy is customizable, this gives you the flexibility of balancing your benefits, by letting you change them if you wish, with your premiums in a way that fits your needs and budget.

Other pet insurers use different techniques to keep the premiums down at older ages but they generally involve reducing coverage along the way. For example:

  • One pet insurer has low lifetime limits on coverage per category of coverage (like skin ailments, eye conditions, etc.) and increases your premium if you claim on your policy. We have no per incident limits or lifetime limits and we don't increase your premiums because you made a claim.
  • Another does not cover chronic conditions after the first year they occur. If you take the Embrace Continuing Care endorsement, you are covered for ongoing treatment for chronic illnesses that occur during the life of your policy.
  • Yet another company automatically reduces your benefits as your cat ages; we let you decide if and how you would reduce benefits to suit your needs to keep the costs down.
  • One pet insurer guarantees your premiums to a certain age for an extra fee but doesn’t guarantee your benefits, leaving the door open for them to decrease them at a future date. This company's premiums increase at age 8 as well.

As you can see, each company has some mechanism to deal with the higher costs at older ages. We just feel that it should be up to you to choose how to manage your pets healthcare costs in the future, not your pet insurer.

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