Ask Laura: what happens to my Embrace pet insurance policy when I die

Lazy Rasta As they say, Death, while not a very savory topic of discussion, is one of the only guaranteed things in life. So, I thought it very interesting to get this thoughtful question from one of our policyholders, Reed C.


My husband and I are updating our Wills, and I am wondering, in the event of my death, would my Embrace policies be automatically cancelled? I would like to know what would happen to the policy were I to die and my husband would survive me --- would it continue as long as paid the premiums? He is currently not named in the policy. Can we arrange for this?

Secondly, were my husband and I both to die simultaneously, we have made arrangements for my sister to take both Otis and Gracie. Would the policy continue with her? If not, can we arrange for that?

I know this isn't the most pleasant topic, but we are dedicated to our pets, and want to plan for them should the worst happen. Thank you in advance for your help.


Reed, what a thoughtful question!

If the named policyholders died (currently you but we can add your husband – more on that later), we would just continue the policy until further instructions from the estate. In your case, you’ve put instructions to transfer to your sister so we would honor that without a break in the policy; however, if she decided to cancel the policy after that, we would have to honor that too.

If you’d like to add your husband as a named insured, just call in (800 511 9172) or email me with his name and we’ll have him added. He’ll have the same powers as you over the policy, including to cancel it. You would be notified if the policy was cancelled by him of course!

Got any other questions on estate planning for your dog or cat?

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