What am I trying to do?

Good question! I have been working on setting up Embrace Pet Insurance  for the last two years or so (why that's taken so long could be the subject of a whole other blog). While I was doing that, I found it devilishly difficult to understand the world of pet insurance - not only the products, but also why anyone would want pet insurance, where to you get it, and what should you look for when buying? I think I have most of that sorted out now but it's taken me 2 years.

So, I thought I would start this discussion with you to see if we could sort all that out here. If I can share some of my findings, perhaps more pet lovers would see the use of pet insurance and we'd have  a lot of fun in the process.

As for our progress in setting up Embrace Pet Insurance,  we still plod forward. We have some start up funding from Jumpstart, here in Cleveland, but we also need an insurance partner to take on the claims risk and that's the sticking point. Who would have thought it would be easier to raise start up funding than getting an insurance partner? But, we are working on it feverishly and hopefully one day, I can talk to you about the Embrace products.

Who is we you ask? There are two of us who founded Embrace Pet Insurance: me (Laura Bennett) and my business partner (Alex Krooglik). We are both passionate about pet insurance.

So, let's get on with the blog. I am sure that it will take some time to get my style sorted out so pardon me in advance for working it on the fly.

Here we go...

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