Warm Weather is On the Way... We Hope!

March Intro - Manny

In some parts of the country, 65 degrees is considered chilly. Sweater weather. Here in Cleveland, Ohio, what seems like the un-official gray sky city, when it hit 65 on a Saturday in February, mass numbers of families hit the Cleveland Metropark Zoo to soak up the sun. It feels remarkable to see so many human faces after a few long, dark months. People are so happy. Friendly. Grateful.

The real first day of spring is just a few days away. (Okay, more like weeks, but, as I said, in Cleveland, we look on the bright side.) So this month we wanted to practice a little gratitude and optimism, looking forward to spring and all things that come with it. We’ll be grateful for a chance to dust off the cobwebs, so we’ll talk about spring cleaning and what that means for pet owners. We’ll talk a little about poison prevention, happy to share what we’ve learned during Poison Prevention Awareness Week. And we’ll have some other fun posts, because nothing gets the creative juices flowing like a little sun on your face.

What do you do on a sunny day? Does your pet get to go along? Send us pictures or post on social tagging Embrace or using our hashtag - #embraceyourpets. We’d love to feature a few on our social media, especially on those days that might feel a little less like spring and a little more like winter.

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