Vet visit for a swollen paw

I mentioned about Lily's poor foot last week. We'll you'll be happy to know that she's feeling much better. I thought I'd summarize the vet bill for that visit for your reference. The bill is from the Cleveland area.

Office Visit 36.50
Ambi-Pen 250ml (WAB) 12.49
Valium/Ketamine less than 20# 43.00
Fluids SC, LR 36.50
Amoxi-Drop 50mg 15ml  13.25
E-Collar 12 inch rental* 10.00
Total 151.74
* $5 refund when I return the collar.

Lilys_shaved_foot_much_better_nowThe valium/ketamine was to knock Lily out while they shaved her foot and took a look at it. Can't imagine trying to do that while she was awake - it would be painful all round. I also swapped the liquid Amoxi-drops for pills (about $2.50 cheaper than the drops btw) to take home since I knew that I'd be pink all over trying to get the drops into Lily.

So, we haven't found out what she did to the foot to have this happen but are guessing that from the nature of her injuries, something heavy fell on it.

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