Update on Pancho's experience with teeth cleaning

If you had been able to listen to Dr Patrick's and my podcast on pet dental health questions, you would have heard us answering Arthur's question about his dog Pancho:

Arthur R asks "My Embraced dog, Pancho, has a small mouth and does not like having his teeth brushed. No matter how I try, he squirms and twists his way out of daily brushing. How can I get
him to look forward to daily dental hygiene?"

In Patrick's answer, we challenged Arthur to try out some of Patrick's suggestions, perhaps with a video or two for the before and after effect and he took the challenge.

We don't have any videos to show you yet, but Arthur did send this update:

Pancho has been getting his teeth “brushed” daily since we started this project. Pancho no longer minds that my fingers are in his mouth, but we have not yet graduated to a comfort level with a real toothbrush.

For Doggie Dental Awareness month, Dr.  Kitteh, DDS, is licking the plaque and tartar from this dog’s molars in the attached photo.

Doggie Dental Inspection

Can't wait to see the video Arthur!

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Update on Pancho's experience with teeth cleaning

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