Podcast: summer dangers and your pets

Dr Patrick and I talk today about summer health dangers. Things like heat stroke, water safety, parasites, pesticides and so on. I know that many of you have warmer weather all year round but even still, there are issues your pet faces in the summer months more than others. 

Here are the questions we discuss in our podcast:

  1. Chrissy: What are the signs of pet heat stroke? I think this one is extremely important because many pet parents do not realize how easily this can happen (myself included prior to working at the vet). One of our clients took their sheltie on a 5k walk on a hot summer day and it almost died. 
  2. Karen: My dog plays in the tall grass and woods and will occasionally pick up a tick. I do use Frontline on all of my pets but is there anything else I can use to help repel fleas/ticks? Is it ok to use a collar like Seresto with the Frontline? Do you have any suggestions for additional protection? I do have cats in the house and I know some canine treatments are toxic to cats.
  3. Carrie: how do you feel about holistic flea/tick/heartworm preventions?
  4. Jenna: any help with lawn weed and feed stuff? I have little clovers and other weeds popping up everywhere but Lou thinks he's a cow or a goat or something. He eats so much of it, I'm afraid to try anything for it.
  5. Karin: any specific tips on water safety? I recently read about a case of dry drowning and thought that perhaps you could share more about that.
  6. Josh: Any advice on dogs that get frightened by booming fireworks? Even being inside and the noise being muffled, he hears them and starts shaking.
  7. Karin: one last one – what about toads. Are they really that bad?

Dr Patrick also mentions the Pet Poison Helpline's page on toads, which is here.

Click on the link below to hear the audio:
Podcast: Laura Bennett & Dr Patrick Mahaney Summer Dangers 2014

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Podcast: summer dangers and your pets

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