June is Summer Dangers Month at Embrace Pet Insurance

While I was thinking about this article while out running the other day, a fox ran crossed my path towards a nearby homestead farm, and I thought, yup, that's definitely a summer danger that doesn't come up much in the standard internet articles (those poor chickens!) 

Another summer danger that might not come to mind is a pack of marauding urban stray dogs. I've faced that awful experience one hot August night in Cleveland suburb, something I'll never forget.

There are, of course, dangers that are top of mind:

  • sunburn (those pink ears and noses get burnt just like our skin does) 
  • pets in cars/heat stroke/dehydration (can happen in just a few minutes) 
  • snake bites
  • yard treatments (insecticide/fertilizers/herbicide),
  • heartworm/ticks
  • boating/pools/water (including dry drowning),
  • bee and other insect stings (while painful, at worst can cause an extreme allergic reaction)

This month, we'll be talking about these issues that can affect the health of your dogs and cats in unexpected ways.

Have you experienced any of these conditions? Any others to share?

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