Rocket and Rosie go walkabout

Rosie modeling her Joykatz walking jacket
If you just added a new cat into your home, you might be going through the internal debate of "indoor vs. outdoor" cat. I've always had outdoor cats and felt that keeping cats inside wasn't natural for them. But then Lily has had several mishaps and I've seen a red fox trotting by in front of of the house a few times and I get nervous, very nervous.

My two "kittens", Rocket and Rosie, stay indoors, keeping each other company. To give them a taste of the outdoors, I recently embarked on a project to get them walking on leashes. You can see my introduction to their JoyKatz "walking jackets" in my blog post "Is it possible to train a cat to walk on a leash?" in January.

Since then, we've been working on the kittens inside the house with their harnesses on and they have become much more used to them; however, since we live in Cleveland and it's winter, they haven't been able to go outside - until now.

Here's video of me getting Rocket ready for her first trip outside. She actually comes to me if she sees me get her harness out as she knows she'll get treats for wearing it.

Here is Rocket getting her taste of the outdoors for the first time:

As you can see, she had some interest in being outdoors but definitely needs time and practice to be comfortable with it.

Here is Rosie with her first time:

As you can see, she was not particularly impressed, with her big puffy tail and rush to the front door.

We'll keep at it. Do you think you might be interested in training your cats on a leash? The younger, the better as it's definitely something they need to learn.

Special thanks to JoyKatz who supplied me with Rocket and Rosie's harnesses. I've been very impressed with them, both from functionality and quality. And they look pretty nice too!

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Rocket and Rosie go walkabout

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