Podcast: Dr Patrick Mahaney on Pet Summer Dangers

I was noticing a friend posting on her facebook page that the high for the day was going to be 106 degrees where she lives. That sounds awful and certainly not something humans should be out in, let
alone dogs. With temperature being the most obvious danger to both dogs and cats, Dr Patrick talks about the summer issues other than heat he sees in his practice.

He also answerssome questions from our Embracers, prefaced with a comment from Adrienne:

"One thing we always saw a lot of at the emergency clinic was heat related problems - heat stroke, etc.  We often found that people didn't think it was too hot or too much exercise/playing/hiking for
their pet, especially if the pet was overweight and then the pet would get overheated quickly." So if it's too hot for you wearing a coat, it certainly is too hot for your dog.

  1. Kate: Is there some sort of a guide for how long it's acceptable for dogs to be outside in the heat? Maybe based on size or breed or age? For those without central AC, what's a comfortable temperature range for cats and dogs while inside?
  2. Katie: Is pool water bad for dogs? I always try and stop my dog Captain from drinking it but he never fails to have his share!
  3. Laura: When it rains for a few days the yard sprouts mushrooms like a Smurf village and the dogs start eating them before I can act fast enough.  How dangerous are these? 
  4. Christine: My question is about dry drowning.  With summer being here, the pools and hoses are out. My dog loves to chase the hose and bite the water but also to play in his kiddie pool.  Dry drowning is rare but it can happen. How does it happen and how do you let your dogs have fun in the water safely?
  5. Laura: when should you go to the vet if one of the following should occur: insect stings; skunk spraying; close encounter with a toad; snake bite.

Click on the link below for the podcast audio.

Laura Bennett & Dr Patrick Mahaney summer dangers 2013

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Dr Patrick MahaneyDr. Mahaney is a veterinarian from the University of Pennsylvania and a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist, having been inspired by his own chronic pain from Intervertebral Disc Disease to provide accupuncture to his veterinary clients. In addition to Dr Mahaney's house call integrative veterinary medicine business, California Pet Acupuncture and Wellness, he sees patients on an in-clinic basis atVeterinary Cancer Group in Culver City, CA. 

Dr Mahaney writes a veterinary column (Patrick's Blog) forwww.PatrickMahaney.com and contributes to a variety of media, including Perez Hilton's TeddyHilton.com, Fido Friendly, Veterinary Practice News, Healthy Pets and People with Dr Patrick on OutImpactRadio.com, and MSNBC Sunday with Alex Witt and Career Day. His first book, The Uncomfortable Vet, will be available in 2013 through Havenhurst Books

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