January is Pet Training Month at Embrace Pet Insurance

Just as understanding how you can maximize your pet's health is part of pet parenting, so is maximizing the quality time you spend together. Training isn't just for tricks; training also:

  • strengthens the bond between you and your dog or cat
  • integrates your pet seamlessly into your family life and the outside world
  • improves the effectiveness of your communication with your pet
  • lets you give your pet more freedom and fewer restrictions
  • and reduces stress and increases happiness of having a pet in the household

Friend of Embrace, Liz Palika, talks about why you should train your dog in her article No Training? Why Not? Rules are important for your dog's social well-being, as well as your own, plus he/she is safer if she's not dashing up the road every time you open your door. And training can be fun - it's not boot camp for either party.

We have a lot of cat and dog training articles on in The Water Bowl, the Embrace informational website on pet health and care, including:

How to Choose a Dog Trainer or Behavior Consultant

Training your Puppy: A Family Affair

Training Your Dog to Come: Make It a Good Thing

How to Carrier Train your Cat

How to Teach your Cat to Enjoy Being Held 

And so on. There are many others listed in the Training Section on our Pet Behavior and Training page.

And yes, we have quite a number of articles on trick training too:

Building a trick routine

Have fun with a hoop 

And many others.

Got any tips that have worked for you you want to share?

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January is Pet Training Month at Embrace Pet Insurance
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