Embracers really get into the pet obesity theme this month

No doubt about it, Embracers are taking on the obesity theme with gusto.

Lea, over at the Embrace Pet Community blog, is participating in the Nulo challenge. Nulo, a pet food company where "nutrition meets love", is a running a pet blogger challenge where several bloggers are working with Nulo to help their pets lose weight over the coming weeks.

The challenge starts next week and Lea and her dogs, Lyger and Lula, are participating. Read their stories here:

In addition, Sarah, one of our newest Embracers, asked me if she could introduce a wellness program to the Embrace family (the two legged ones this time), which I gladly accepted so we're waiting with baited breath on what she has in store for us (hopefully not 20 push ups before coffee - yes sir!)

And finally, I've decided that it's time I got back into some sort of fitness (young kids and entrepreneurial lifestyle do not leave much time for personal health) so I've started running. The last time I ran was when I trained to climb up Cotopaxi while I was at Wharton (back in 2002) and that nearly killed me. I am not an aerobic girl (although I was in the same gym once as Jane Fonda while she was doing aerobics but that's another story) so this is going to be hard for me. Thankfully, I have a lot of inspiration and encouragement online as a couple of my friends on Facebook are posting their running times so I'm doing the same (I'm using Daily Mile if you are interested - friend me there or on Facebook if you want).

Now's the time I wish I had a dog to run with...

Are you doing anything to improve your fitness or weight with your pets or just for yourself?

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