March is Pet Nutrition Month at Embrace Pet Insurance

When you think about it, our bodies, and those of our pets, are incredible machines. For example, these machines fix themselves (most times) when things break, and we don't have to eat precise diets to stay alive (not like my car that only takes a very certain type of very expensive liquid and my mechanic loves that my car doesn't fix itself.)

It doesn't mean though that all that we eat is good for us in the long run, and eating a better quality of food is one way we can improve our health without having to go to the doctor. It's very much the same situation for our pets, yet some people are still unaware that the quality of the food we feed our cats and dogs is incredibly important. Better and more appropriate foods really do make a difference for our pets.

We are going to talk about pet nutrition in this blog this month. In the meantime, we have some great articles on cat and dog nutrition on our website over at the Water Bowl. For example:

These are just a few of the excellent articles on the pet care page. I recommend you peruse the rest for some good tips and even a contest or two for freebies.

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March is Pet Nutrition Month at Embrace Pet Insurance
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