Pet health story: Tallulah, a grey tabby cat

TallulahJust look at Tallulah, what a sweetheart. It's no wonder that Marcy spent so much love, energy, and money on him.


Marcy J of California

Pet Name:


Pet Treatment:

This past February, I came home to find that my cat behaving strangely. He was meowing constantly, struggled and seemed to be in pain when we picked him up, and had not eaten any of his food that day. A little while later he began to vomit and I really began to worry. Being a Friday evening, our only veterinary option was an emergency pet hospital. When we were finally seen, the vet explained that he was blocked and told us that if he didn't receive treatment that his bladder would rupture and he would die. The first course of treatment was a urinary catheter and antiobiotics and the cost - a whopping $900 for treatment and overnight care.

Over the course of the weekend, it was touch and go. The catheter kept blocking and the technicians were having trouble replacing it due to swelling. Tallulah ending spending 4 nights at the animal hospital and his condition was not improving. I searched for a specialist and was lucky to find a vet who had a cancellation and could see us right away. I paid the bill, nearly $2900, picked up my kitty, Elizabethan collar, catheter and all, and transported him to the specialist where it was determined that due to the high number and size of the crystals, a perineal urethrostomy was the best option for my kitty. Timing could not have been worse. I was scheduled to be travelling for business, so in addition to the cost of surgery, I needed to have my Tallulah cared for during recovery.

Two weeks after the fiasco began, I brought Tallulah home. He needed to continue to wear the Elizabethan collar so that he would not lick the incision and make matters worse. I removed all the furniture from our guest room (they will wedge the collar under things to try to remove it) and furnished it simply with his food, water, litter box, and bedding. He cried constantly when I put him in the room, so I brought in a portable TV and left it on. It made a huge difference. Everyday for the next 2 weeks, I came home at lunch time to check in on my kitty. It was a long and emotional month.

Pet Treatment Costs:

I did not have pet insurance and the total was nearly $6000. I tapped out my credit cards and was lucky to have a friend that lent me half of the money. I'm still paying her back today. I have been criticized by some people who think that it was crazy to spend so much. I've made personal sacrifices to cover the cost. But every morning that I wake up and find Tallulah curled up at my feet, I know that it was worth every cent. It's been about 7 months since the surgery and despite patches of hair that has not yet grown back, he is happy, playful, and most importantly, healthy. My only regret is that I did not have pet health insurance to help with some of the expenses.

[please note that we did not ask Marcy to write the part about pet insurance; these are all her words]

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