February is Pet Dental Health Month at Embrace Pet Insurance

Did you know that you cannot tell if your cat or dog has periodontal disease by the color of his or her gums?

I did not know that until a few weeks ago. Wouldn't you think that you would see more inflamed gums in pets with periodontal disease?

So what is periodontal disease then? Our friend, Tracy Libby, elaborates:

Periodontal disease is the progressive loss or destruction of the tissues that hold the teeth in the jaws. It starts the same way in dogs as it does in humans - with plaque buildup around and under the gum line. One milligram of dental plaque contains millions of bacteria! 

In the mood to lear more about periodontal disease? Check out Tracy's article on  "Protecting Your Dog from Dental Dangers".

Which leads me to our theme of the month - pet dental health. It really should be the theme for life, not just one month a year, but it's good to highlight a few pointers every year just to jog our memory (or learn something new.)

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