June is Pet Behavior Month at Embrace Pet Insurance

OK, confession time.

A few months ago, I found myself pulling my hair out over my nine year old daughter's behavior. What really bothered me was that it was so illogical, starting with crying at the least significant thing, then escalating into full blown door slamming, and drama for the whole family.

While I know she is growing up and this sort of behavior is normal, I realized that it was me that was part of the problem. My behavior and my reaction to the initial trigger were causing the whole thing to escalate. But I couldn't seem to help it! Thank goodness for good parenting books is all I can say.

I only tell that story because I don't have a dog to tell behavior stories about - but I'm sure it would be the same. As owners and pet parents, we are responsible for our charges' behavior and we certainly don't want to accidentally enable the behavior we are trying to stop or at least curtail down to a soft landing.

I was reading some sage advice from Liz Palika, one of the Embrace Pet Community's writers on the topic of dog behavioral issues. She says it’s important to know that dogs repeat actions that are rewarding to them. That is why training techniques that use rewards of praise, petting, food treats, and toys are so effective.

We have a whole section on the Embrace site on Pet Behavior and Training with useful articles that help illustrate how you can change your pet's behavior. I hope you get a chance to check out some of these articles because they are absolutely outstanding. For example, here's one on preventing your dog's door dashing and another on managing destructive chewing. Makes me want a dog to train.

Now if only Embrace had one for us human mothers and fathers...

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June is Pet Behavior Month at Embrace Pet Insurance
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