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Behavior Problems

When most people hear the words “pet insurance” they tend to laugh, thinking of eccentric pet parents, or the human health care mess comes to mind, and people want no part of that for their pets. But, pet insurance is not human insurance. Not even close. Human health insurance is managed care with plans that have negotiated prices and can dictate what procedures they will pay for, without a doctor’s opinion being considered. And, there are the restrictions on which doctors are in network. The cost of processing these plans is staggering. The handling of insurance billing in a physician office is a full time job and accounts for approximately 30% of their total expenses. Pet insurance will never be managed care. The reason? Simply: Vets don’t make enough. Vets could not afford to have the employees needed to process the claims.  

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Who is to blame for our pet’s bad behavior?

Behavior ProblemsBehavior problems in our pets seem to be more common than they once were. Aggression, barking, digging, begging for food, and fear and anxiety seem to be common complaints with my clients’ pets. Are we just recognizing them more or are they really increasing? Well, if it were up to dogs they would be roaming the street scavenging food, defecating anywhere they wanted, and searching for the next sexual encounter. We have forgotten that this is normal canine behavior. Instead, we expect them to live in a house, ask permission to go outside, sit perfectly at our feet, and patiently wait for our next command. With training and persistence, they can learn to be comfortable in our idea of normal, but we need to remember this is contrary to their instincts.

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Podcast: Lost Pet Prevention

It’s not a comfortable topic for some, but we wanted to take a few minutes to talk to Dr. Patrick Mahaney about pet loss prevention and what pet parents should do in the event that their pet becomes lost. In this month’s podcast we’ll hear about:

  • What steps to take if your pet becomes lost or if you find a lost pet.
  • What factors aid in minimizing the risk of your pet becoming lost.
  • What new technology is available to help in the case of a missing pet.

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Bad Behavior - It's a Problem for Every Pet

Chewing PuppyI’m not sure how to break this to you, but your cat or dog has a behavior problem. I don’t even know your pet, and I’m not judging. My pets have issues too. All pets have some sort of behavior that can become problematic, even on a small scale. Many of these behaviors we’ve just become accustomed to and may not even realize that we make accommodations for.

Like my uncle, whose dog insisted on her walk at 5 am, rain or shine, even on the weekend. He got up and took her for a several mile walk, religiously, without even realizing she’d trained him to accommodate her compulsive behavior.

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Prevention: Pets Gone Missing

Lost Dog FlyerThere is absolutely no feeling like when your pet goes missing. Thoughts of them getting hit by cars, attacked by coyotes, or wandering around scared and looking for you fill your head. It is horrible. In the past, the only thing you could do was put up flyers , contact the local shelters, and hope that your pet would be found. Things have changed drastically, for the better, in the past few years. Technology has made finding your lost buddy (or budd-ette) much easier.

The advent of the microchip has made the most difference. The microchip is injected between the shoulder blades through a large-bore needle. The actual size is a little bigger than a grain of rice. Coded onto the chip is a unique number that can be read with a scanner. In the early days, each microchipping company had their own scanner, which meant if you didn’t have the right scanner, you were out of luck. Now, the vast majority of chips are able to be scanned with a universal scanner. Once the number has been scanned, we look in the universal microchip online database. This site will direct us to the identification of your pet and your contact information. Yea!!!

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