Fact Check: The Truth About Pet Nutrition

Thank goodness the presidential election season is over. How many times did you catch people offering statements as truth, without facts supporting them? In some cases, the loyal followers of the candidates take everything told to them by their candidate, a person they feel is an authority, as truth. In fact, NPR reported a new study that said the majority of misinformed people, don’t change their opinions even when presented with the facts. (Notice how we cited the study?)

The same sorts of rhetoric and spin can be found in the pet food industry, right down to the pet stores and their employees. With so many falsehoods that are being presented to the public by the big brands through sales reps and advertising, I always tell the many veterinary students that go through our practice to be critical thinkers. Do your own research. Be careful which sites you look to for information, because there is no editor on the internet! I could write an article dispelling all the myths I’ve heard repeated from pet parents, but how would you know if I am telling you the truth or just some more propaganda? I want you to read the results of the research yourselves. Here are some reliable websites:

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The Importance of Training

KaydenKayden is easily the best behaved dog I’ve ever had. I can’t say he’s the most well mannered dog anyone’s ever had, but he’s not a trash-diver, jumping, barking, indoor-pooping doof like some I’ve known. A lot of that is just in his nature. But, whenever I thank my stars for having an “easy” dog, I thank myself for taking the time in his first year with us to do training with him. He comes when called, takes treats nicely, and has a bond with my family that I think stems from those early interactions.

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Podcast: Trends in Pet Nutrition

Every pet parent has to consider pet nutrition, and might have to make changes to their pet’s diet several times over the course of their lifetime. Which is why we like to check in with our veterinary experts every year to discuss hot topics and trends in nutrition. In this month’s podcast we’ll be asking:

  • Going Gluten Free: does it help our pets?
  • Pet Probiotics: what is it all about?
  • Doing your research: where do I start?
  • Knowing what to look for: what are the signs my pet’s diet may be off?

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Top 10 Embracer Moments

1. When we were sharing office space with a tech company, Lea’s dog Lyger escaped the call center and dashed into their board meeting and dashed around under their table, sniffing a bunch of guys in suits while they were on a conference call

2. Chris burning his hot pocket by putting it in the microwave for 30 minutes instead of the usual 3 minutes on the same day we had a Board meeting. Luckily we were so small, our Board meeting was down the road, not in our office

3. The first time Kate did a nice arabesque on her roller blades past Laura’s office window when she was in a meeting

4. Celebrating our break even point. After a lot of belt tightening, we reached breakeven and had a whole week of celebrations where Embrace paid to have our cars washed in the parking lot, a masseuse come in, drinks and hors d'oeuvres at a local bar and last but not least a coffee mug that said “Embrace broke even and all I got was this stinking mug”.

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Embrace 10 Year Commemorative

As I sat for my job interview at Laura Bennett's dining room table, with her cat Barnes tumbling around in my lap back in 2006, we talked about perhaps starting up an Embrace office over her garage until we could get more staff on board.   When I was offered the job some weeks later, I remember being pleasantly surprised to learn that Embrace had rented a two room office. My first days were spent with just me and one other Embracer, (yes, I felt funny being called an Embracer then) Christine and Laura, sitting at makeshift desks all in the same room. All three of us, serving as call center, claims department, social media, customer care. All of it.  We laughed. We learned how each of us took our coffee or what we did for fun on the weekend.  (For Chris, it was often Bull Riding. I was usually doing work on our new house. Laura, almost always, was putting in tons of extra hours getting Embrace off the ground.) We got a sign on the door. We launched a website. We took calls from pet parents. We made sales. Each and every milestone was a huge deal and we celebrated accordingly.

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