Meet Otis, The Tri-pawd Boxer Puppy

Sometimes, when you agree to foster an animal, you have a hunch it won’t be hard to find an adopter. And it’s always easier to foster when you know you won’t accidentally end up as a foster failure. I imagine that was how Diana, one of our Territory Outreach Embracers, felt when she was fostering little Otis. A handsome Boxer puppy is sure to have a full dance card. But Otis had a little something extra to get the attention of possible adopters: he is missing a leg.

See, a vet clinic took Otis in from a local family after an incident caused extensive damage to his leg. Not able to afford his surgery and fearing he could be injured again, the family knew the best thing was to surrender him so he could be helped.

Sure enough, the perfect forever home was not far off. In fact, Otis stayed right in the Embrace clan, joining the family of a fellow Outreach Rep, Tom. Tom told us a little bit about the beginning of Otis’s happy ending:

Otis“Knowing I am a Boxer lover, Diana immediately showed me the little guy. The plan was for Diana and I to collaborate – she would foster and I would adopt.

The staff at the clinic was amazing and performed the amputation surgery at their own expense. Everyone agreed and, before the surgery was started, Otis had an amazing foster mom and a loving forever home waiting for him.

My wife and I did not tell our children about Otis in advance. We brought them into the office "just to meet him" and then told them the news. It was a magical moment. Otis came to the Embrace office regularly while under Diana's care and everyone fell in love with him.

I soon brought my dog, Hobbes, in to meet Otis and they hit it off too.

Hobbes and OtisHobbes and Otis are best friends and have made our family complete. They rough-house, chase each other around the yard and house, and sleep together piled all over us. Missing a leg hasn't slowed Otis down at all. He is a sweet puppy and brings us so much joy. We are so appreciative of the staff at Memorial Animal Hospital and Diana for all of their hard work and support.”

We’re grateful too, to the fantastic clinics, rescues, fosters, and adopters willing to give a second chance to special needs animals like Otis. And for networks of friends and animal lovers that make these happy endings happen.

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