North-east Ohio area dog and some kittens needing homes

I rarely hear about dogs and cats who need a new home around here - not sure why that is but it's true. But today, I heard of two situations that need new pet parents. Here they are:

Nugget_needs_a_home Nugget (update - she's been adopted July 24 2007!): a small 1 year old spayed brown pitbull mix who would do well in a family with 7 year old+ kids. She's energetic and socializes well with other dogs. She's about knee high and her regular weight should be about 33-35 lbs so she's not a big dog (she's currently about 31 lbs but was on the streets for a while). Lea rescued her from around Case Western University here in Cleveland but she can't keep her (already has 2 other dogs) so would love to find a loving family for Nugget.

Check out the video of Nugget below. She's a bit tired after playing but a very sweet dog. Also check out the flyer  that Lea made up.

Email us or call 440 484 2260 if you are interested in learning more.

Peekaboo_we_need_a_new_home Cute Kittens (is there such a thing as ugly kittens?!): the daughter of a friend of mine rescued a litter of kittens and here is her message to me:

I've been staying here in Virginia with Dan for the past few weeks, and we found a tiny, helpless litter of kittens living in his window-well. We've brought them inside and have been trying to get them domesticated... with great success, and the cuties will now play and purr in our laps, and frolic around happily. But we can't keep them, so we've been trying to find homes for them; most of our friends have cats already, or are also Purrfect_i_need_a_new_home forbidden by their leases. We have to do something soon, though, and it's starting to look like the SPCA is our only option - I'm sure they'd find good homes, but we're quite fond of them and would prefer to know for certain that they'd found good people.

Playtime_new_pet_parents_neededThere are three kittens, one grey male and two black females, all with white bellies and little white sockies. We're not certain how old they are, but they're probably no older than eight weeks. I've attached some pictures, just in case you doubt their fluffy adorableness. We'll be leaving Virginia in the next couple of days, and are already planning on stopping in Cleveland for a little bit, so we can bring the kittens along and deliver them to their new homes, if we can find anyone who will take them.

Please email us or call 440 484 2260 if you know of a loving home to some very lucky kittens.

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