Welcome to National Pet Dental Health Month

Pet Dental MonthConfession time: I’m about a year past due on Kayden’s dental cleaning.

Don’t judge. His teeth aren’t terrible. They’re not causing him problems. But I know they could be soon. Putting off this cleaning, especially now that he’s getting a tad older, could be problematic for not only his oral healthy but his general health. His heart and digestive system could be affected by infection or dental disease. And the dental cleaning process is less traumatic when done as a preventative measure, before there’s an issue.

So, before anything comes up to give me cause to delay his appointment, I’m going to call his vet to schedule it now.

Hang on a second...

Ok. Good thing I scheduled it. Because, as you may or may not know, it’s National Pet Dental Health Month. That’s not super exciting, but my vet happens to be one of many offering specials on dental care during the month of February.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the call. Get it off your “To Do” list this month and maybe you’ll even save yourself a few bucks.

Feeling relieved,


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