Claim Example: chiropractic treatment for Tygon the greyhound

More claims stories on alternative therapies - yay! This one is for Tygon, a 6 year old greyhound living in San Jose, CA.

We asked Tygon's human mom about Tygon's chiropractic treatment and this is what she had to share:

Tygon the greyhoundTygon is an retired racing greyhound that started to have problems with his shoulders and back about a year after we adopted him.  

After doing some research, it appears that he had a collision during a race.  Collisions on the track are very violent, often flipping the dogs end over end. Tygon was not seriously injured and was able to finish the race but this is where's we believe his problem originated.  After consulting the vet we decided to try a dog chiropractor instead of more invasive procedures.  I was very sceptical about it but It has worked wonders on him.  Today, he sees the chiropractor a couple of times a year.  This keeps him happy and pain-free so he can be his goofy self.

Tygon has had 6 claims over the last couple of years, with claimed amount $1,086, covered amount $1,050 (some chews and routine care costs were not covered), and reimbursed amount $765.

Tygon's policy has a $10,000 annual maximum, a $200 annual deductible, and a 90% reimbursement percentage, and the prescription drug and wellness options were not selected. Tygon is 6 years old and his Embrace Pet Insurance policy costs $73.88 a month.

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Claim Example: chiropractic treatment for Tygon the greyhound



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