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Average vet bills by age for dog

When we were first looking at pet insurance 10 years ago, I analyzed the average total vet bill for a mixed breed dog by age to see what it would look like and here it is.

Interesting don't you think?

What's even more interesting is that the average total vet bill does not include wellness visits! The vaccinations, spay and neuter and puppy wellness checks are not included.

So while you might have thought it might make sense for a puppy to have a lot of vet bills in it's early years because of all the shots she has to have, this graph does not include those costs. (BTW, the cat graph looks very similar.)

Even more interesting now, don't you think?

Still don't think you need pet insurance in a dog's early years?

I rest my case.

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Got a new puppy or kitten? Get pet insurance
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