Claim example: German Shepherd Dog first wellness visit

If you ever wondered how expensive a puppy can be, here's a sample for a puppy's first visit that cost over $400. And it's not even from NY City; it's from Wrightsville PA.

This Wellness Rewards claim is for Turbo, a German Shepherd Dog puppy with several more visits to come. Now that's worth having an Embrace Wellness Rewards policy for.

Description Billed Amount
Puppy Series Full Bundle $349.35
Examination -Preventive Care $45.50
Fecal Wellness $29.85
Initial Puppy/Kitten Deworming $10.00
DHLP Vaccination $20.50
Initial Puppy Heartworm Dose $12.00
Pre Op Screen Panel $58.70
Vectra Puppy Pack Dose $0.00
Discount -$117.80
Total $408.10

I wonder how many people would get a dog if they saw this bill first. Was your first vet bill an unwelcome surprise?


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