January is Eye Care Month at Embrace Pet Insurance

IMG_3459Back in 2001, my cat Simon started to be concerned about his left eye. He'd rub it, and rub it some more, and then really had go at it until it was so swollen, he couldn't open it - all in the span of two days.

I took Simon to a local cat vet and we tried putting an antibiotic cream into his eye but he'd rub it out so fast, it hardly made a difference. I tried an E-collar but that didn't seem to help the condition (and he was a houdini when it came to the collar). So, off to the kitty opthamologist at the Veterinary Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Her assessment was that if we couldn't fix the issue, Simon was going to lose his eye. I couldn't believe it!

Ultimately, a tiny vial of antiviral juice saved the day (at only $100 a pop back in 2001) and Simon was diagnosed with an eye herpes that could flare up at any point in the future if he became stressed (which luckily only happened one more time in his life). Definitely a candidate for pet insurance - prior to getting the condition of course!

I was thinking about how quickly Simon's eye issue came up when the topic of eye care came up for our theme for the month.

This month at Embrace, we're going to talk all about eye care and eye issues. If you have any questions for us to discuss with any of our experts, post them in the comments and we'll do our best to answer them.

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January is Eye Care Month at Embrace Pet Insurance
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