Happy Fifth Birthday to Embrace Pet Insurance!

IMG_1081 Happy Birthday to Embrace! This day five years ago, we sold our first policy to me and my cat Lily.

I distinctly remember when we got the go-ahead from our underwriters at the time, Lloyd's of London, and since I was out of the office on that day, I phoned in to purchase our first policy.

We'd been training our first 2 Embracers, Chris and Lea, on the phones by having people (including my mom) randomly call in to pretend to buy a policy so I didn't tell Lea, who happened to answer the phone this time around, that this was a "live" purchase until the end of the call. It was a giddy feeling for all of us when I told her to put through my real credit card info and really buy the policy.

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Press Release: New art gallery featuring contemporary animal art makes its debut at Embrace Pet Insurance

BZTAT-Studios-Logo-LR-032409 New art gallery featuring contemporary animal art makes its debut at Embrace Pet Insurance in Beachwood, OH.

A pet insurance company and an art gallery may seem like an odd combination to some, but in the era of new media and art marketing, it is a perfect fit.

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BZTAT turns the Embrace Pet Insurance offices into an art gallery

image from bztat.com I just love it when a path that most likely would end without any particular direction turns out to be the start of an amazing experience.

That random-walk-turned-new-adventure is what happened recently at Embrace.

The start:

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Embrace Core Values

We have been getting in touch with our inner Embrace lately. Answering questions such as What makes us tick as a company?  What lies behind everything we do? What does it mean to be an Embracer?

It's not easy to do but very rewarding. Here's what we came up with.

Embrace Core Values


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Happy Thanksgiving 2009 from Embrace Pet Insurance!

I am thankful for

IMG_1556 ...my family's good health (children, kittens, cats, and adults alike)
...Embraced pet parents who take the time to email me with their comments
...my neighborhood babysitting co-op
...my funny and exceptional and caring Embracers - the Embrace bedrock (yabba dabba dooo)
...random people who kick me up the rump every now and then
...my friends all around the world - I do miss you so
...smiling faces at the dinner table

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Celebrating Embrace Pet Insurance's 3rd anniversary - hello to year 4!

Can you believe it? Three years ago, in October 2006, we sold our first Embrace pet health insurance policy. Yes, it was to cover Lily, my newly rescued cat, but it wasn't too long after that that a brave soul, who wasn't a friend or family or a competitor, also bought an Embrace policy too - much to our delight and amazement.

Embrace Pet Insurance website Oct 2006 We've come a long way from only being able to sell policies over the phone (it was another 6 months before we launched our first e-commerce website) and the only information about our policies was on this very blog. I'm still amazed that people actually picked up the phone and called us to buy a policy. We appreciate it very much.

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Paid internship summer 2009 at Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace pet insurance logo We have one intern chosen so now I'm posting about another. Come join us for the summer - it's going to be a blast!


is looking for an intern to join our summer program in our Mayfield Village offices (781 Beta Drive, Mayfield Village, OH 44143). Embrace Pet Insurance

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Support our small pet-related businesses: waggintails


I've followed Waggintails for 5 years now. John Gigliotti, the founder, is really passionate about quality foods (read healthy and safe) for pets and has an exceptional online business that satisfies that niche admirably.

So, I was moved to action when I received the email below:

Dear Friend

I lost a good customer the other day. 

I was out of what the product needed, and she was able to find someone else that had it.  “I can’t keep my dogs waiting,” she emailed me.  

She had been with me for three years.  It hurts.

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Who or What is PetInsuranceReview.com anyway?

There was a very interesting comment from Chris on a post I did about PetInsuranceReview.com as follows:

I am skeptical about this petinsurancereview site as it does not give any indication as to who is responsible for it's content. Who decides which reviews make it onto the site, and who makes sure that there is no bias. What's more, how does this site pay for its operating costs as it has no visible advertisements, and we all know that no one would maintain a site without a bit of payback... Are the companies themselves involved in this site? Are some companies more involved than others? Very odd...

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News: Embrace Pet Insurance Secures Over $2 Million in First Institutional Funding Round

Embrace pet insurance logo You may have seen our press release this week - we've just raised our first round of institutional funding. Woo-hoo!

In the evolution of developing company, it's quite a big accomplishment to pursuade professional investors to take a plunge in one's company, particularly in this economic environment, so we feel very positive about our next phase of growth.

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