Embrace wins NorthCoast99 Award second year in a row

NC99-Winner The reason why we get such great customer reviews is because of our Embracers.

Yes, we have a great product. Yes, we have a great website. Yes, we are open and honest. But really, the Embrace Experience is not just a concept, it's the people that make all of that happen.

The way you are treated when you call in. The way we admit to mistakes and how we fix them. The way we love your pets too. All of which come from the Embrace Core Values and the Embracers that live them.

Which is why we work hard to hire great people with inquisitive and sharp minds to be Embracers. We can't do it any other way.

So, when someone else, not our mothers, says we have a great place to work, we love the recognition that others get what we are doing too. Yay!

Just in case you aren't from around here, a NorthCoast 99 Award recognizes the ability to maintain great workplaces that support the attraction, retention, and motivation of Top Performers. We won for the second year in a row and don't plan to stop winning any time soon.

Some interesting facts about the 99 companies that won a NorthCoast 99 award this year.

  • 65% have onsite fitness classes, activities or programs (we have yoga on Mondays)
  • 91% provide new hires with a welcome lunch (each new hire has lunch with their assigned Embrace buddy)
  • 14,599 new employees hired in 2010 (wow, we did a rather modest part of that)
  • 53% of non-management top performers participated in the creation or implementation of a new workplace policy, program or product/service in 2010 (everyone gets to chip in at Embrace)

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