Embrace Pet Insurance Pinnacle Award Photo and Video

Jonathan and Matt went down to San Diego in March for the Convergence Conference extravaganza held by Microsoft and they had a ball. They were treated like royalty because of our Pinnacle Award and they both wished that Alex and I had been able to go down to soak up some of the kudos. Oh well, someone had to take care of the store back home and we have the award in hand so can pretend we were there. Next time!

So, here's a photo and one of the videos for the event. The photo shows L to R: Satya Nadella (Corporate VP, Microsoft Business Solutions), Jason Hunt (Chief Technology Officer, Invoke Systems), Jonathan Schultz and Matt Finley (Embrace Pet Insurance), Mark Barrett (President, Invoke Systems), Doug Burgum (Senior VP MS Business Solutions)

In the Pinnacle Awards Video, you can see Alex Krooglik, our VP Technology & Marketing doing a mini blurb. He's much more dynamic in person :)


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