Podcast: Dr Patrick Mahaney on Pet Poison Awareness

Talking of pet poisons, here is Dr Patrick and me talking about pet poisons. Dr Patrick gives his top 5 reasons he sees pets from poisoning and the signs and symptoms of poisoning and what to do, plus questions from our friends on Facebook:

  1. Van: Which houseplants or cut flowers are a danger to cats? Which are safe?
  2. Kim: My dog Lola got into my prescription pills a few days ago and ate anywhere from 10-20 pills. She has some kidney damage and is back at the vet for another 48-72 hours of IV fluids. She is drinking excessively and her kidneys are not concentrating her urine, it is just going right through her. The ASPCA poison control have given our vets the protocol and we hope after the next 2-3 days she will fully recover. There is nothing more they can do so we are hoping her
    kidneys begin to function again. Is there anything else we can do to help the healing process?
  3. Laura: Are there breeds of dog or cat that are more sensitive to certain compounds?

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An alternative to brushing your dog's teeth?

Last year, we challenged Embraced pet parent Arthur to start brushing his dog Pancho's teeth and he promised us a video. Fast forward to this year and here's what Arthur wrote to me: 

Clean Teeth 2-22-2013 01Last year around this time, you challenged me to demonstrate, on film, how to brush Pancho’s teeth. After a couple of hours of setting up and shooting, my cameraman lost interest, Pancho became uncomfortable and his teeth were not getting any cleaner. 

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Podcast: Dr Patrick Mahaney on Pet Dental Health

Say cheese! Dr Patrick pulls a few tricks up his sleeve on the following topics so if you think you've heard it all on the topic of pet dental health, think again.

  1. How many people actively clean their pets’ teeth?
  2. Why on earth would we do such a thing?
  3. Are there some pets where teeth issues are more common than other dogs or cats?
  4. Is it too late to teach my older pet to accept me cleaning her teeth?
  5. What are signs of dental illness?
  6. What else can we do besides physically clean our pets teeth to prevent dental illness?
  7. Does fluoride in water have a positive impact on dental illness for pets?

Click below for the podcast audio file

Laura Bennett & Dr Patrick Mahaney Dental Health

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Podcast: cat and dog eye questions with Dr Patrick Mahaney

BatmanWhen I told Dr Patrick that we were covering eye care in this podcast, he was absolutely delighted! Eye care is one of his favorite topics.

Eyes are a part of the body we just expect to keep on working. A friend of mine (the human kind) had an unexpected detached retina last year and he said it really made him think how much for granted he'd taken his eyesight until then. It's the same with our cats and dogs - until something happens.

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Guest Post: All About Cats with Dr Patrick Mahaney

This month we’re all about cats at Embrace so we have some intriguing questions from Embrace facebook friends on the topic.

Cat issues are also very interesting for Dr Patrick as he can sometimes be seen treating cats on the Animal Planet show “My Cat From Hell”, now going into its fourth season.

So let's launch into it. In the podcast below, you will hear the answers to the following questions: 

Monica B: My 12 year old cat pulls his fur out periodically. It is usually when he is very hungry. He has "hot spots" along his spine that I massage on a daily basis and this is where he pulls. Is there anything else I can do to alleviate these hot spots?

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Guest Post: Winter Dangers With Dr Patrick Mahaney

Living in Cleveland OH, where it's rather chilly in the winter, we’re always focused on our weather and the changing seasons, and of course, winter is definitely with us. We can expect temperatures below freezing at night starting about now, developing into snow and ice on the ground permanently in January; however, other parts of the country have winter in different ways so Dr Patrick and I discuss winter dangers for pets in all parts of the country, chilly or not.  

The audio recording below covers the follow topics:

  1. Warmer clime winter issues
  2. Flea and ticks in dogs and cats in winter
  3. Ice and cold protection for your dog
  4. What to do if your dog falls into cold water
  5. Older dogs and cats and the cold

Laura Bennett & Dr Patrick Mahaney Winter Dangers

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Guest Post: Olympians and their pet breeds

I know the Olympics are over but Dr Patrick Mahaney and I had some fun talking about a couple of breeds that some Olympians known to you have in their homes, including the:



Border Terrier


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Guest Post: alternative and complementary pet treatments

I'm delighted with today's podcast with Dr Patrick Mahaney since alternative or complementary treatments are his area of expertise (not that he isn't an expert on all we talk about of course).

Here are some of the items we cover in this podcast.

First Patrick goes over what alternative and complementary treatments are and  you integrate them into a pet’s veterinary care.

Then on to questions from our facebook friends…

Michael: Can acupuncture be used to mitigate chronic pain in an aging dog with arthritis in place of medications like Rimadyl?

Laura: a lot of alternative therapies I see are for orthopedic conditions, including arthritis. Are there other conditions that you can use alternative therapies for such as allergies or inflammatory bowel disease?

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Guest Post: Summer Dangers with Dr Patrick Mahaney

Today we're continuing to chat about summer dangers for your dogs and cats at Embrace Pet Insurance, and Dr Patrick Mahaney chimes in on the topic.

Here are some of the questions we cover in this podcast:

Kayla This may be silly, but when we got Tucker (a lab/golden retriever mix), he had lived primarily outside for his first six months, and his nose was all black. He's been a mostly indoor pet for the year we've had him, and now his nose is pink and black. With spending more time outdoors in the summer months, will his nose darken again? Should we do anything to keep it from darkening? Is that a puppy

Kate: Should I do anything different or be extra cautious about sun exposure for my black Doberman? It seems like he could overheat quickly being so dark or am I just thinking that because I know what it's like to wear dark colors outside and be sooo hot?

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Guest Post: Allergy Questions with Dr Patrick Mahaney

As we continue with our focus on allergies this month at Embrace Pet Insurance, I chat with Dr Patrick Mahaney about allergies and your questions for him on the topic.

Carl: Our dog, Sammy, licks and chews his feet regularly and occasionally has bacterial sores on his belly. We've given him Benadryl for the licking and chewing and Vet prescribed antibiotic for the sores. We've been told he has allergies. We keep treating these issues but they keep reoccurring. How would we find out what allergies he has?

Caroline:  At what stage do you suspect a yeast infection over allergies, because aren't the symptoms very similar?

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