Pet First Aid Podcast with Dr. Patrick Mahaney

I live quite near a hospital and, as the weather gets warmer, I notice an increase in ambulance sirens. It’s not totally dissimilar for pets. This time of year can show a spike in accidents for them as well, so we thought it would be a good time to talk about first aid with Dr. Patrick Mahaney. We’re asking for new trends and get his holistic take on pet first aid.

Do you have a pet first aid tip for our readers? We hope you’ll share it in the comments. It could certainly come in handy one day.

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Pet Poisoning Podcast with Dr. Patrick Mahaney

Sometimes it can feel like the world is a bit of a scary place, perhaps a bit more harmful than it seemed growing up at least. We reached out to Dr. Patrick Mahaney to get some perspective on poisoning, specifically those items that most affect pets.

We asked Dr. Patrick:

  • For some updates on the risks of pet marijuana ingestion, now that the legalization of marijuana has been in effect a while.
  • If America’s opioid epidemic is having an effect on pets?
  • Which household product top his list of pet poisons?

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Dental Discussions with Dr. Patrick Mahaney

It always helps us gain a little perspective when we spend a few minutes talking to Dr. Mahaney about pet dental topics. It feels like a year goes by and we might have ignored our pets teeth entirely, but it’s a good idea to stop for a few minutes and give it some thought. Much easier to think about it pro-actively than wait until it’s a headache.

In this podcast we learn:

  • About preventing dental disease.
  • If brushing your pet’s teeth is helpful.
  • If certain pet foods or chews are better for your pet’s teeth.
  • What your vet really wants you to know about pet dental care.

More from Dr. Mahaney next month as we talk Spring and seasonal pet issues. Feel free to post your questions for our team in the comments.

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Podcast: Talking Training with Dr. Patrick Mahaney

The many theories on pet training can be confusing - even overwhelming. What’s the right (or wrong) way to train? What’s effective and what’s safe? The trainers all have their own opinions, and plenty of know-it-alls are willing to share their thoughts too, but have you ever thought to ask your vet about it?

Dr. Patrick Mahaney joins us for this month’s podcast on pet training, talking about:

  • Safe and effective training methods and what should be avoided
  • When more training or tools may be necessary
  • Board and train facilities
  • Cat training and when it might be useful

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Podcast: Trends in Pet Nutrition

Every pet parent has to consider pet nutrition, and might have to make changes to their pet’s diet several times over the course of their lifetime. Which is why we like to check in with our veterinary experts every year to discuss hot topics and trends in nutrition. In this month’s podcast we’ll be asking:

  • Going Gluten Free: does it help our pets?
  • Pet Probiotics: what is it all about?
  • Doing your research: where do I start?
  • Knowing what to look for: what are the signs my pet’s diet may be off?

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Podcast: Lost Pet Prevention

It’s not a comfortable topic for some, but we wanted to take a few minutes to talk to Dr. Patrick Mahaney about pet loss prevention and what pet parents should do in the event that their pet becomes lost. In this month’s podcast we’ll hear about:

  • What steps to take if your pet becomes lost or if you find a lost pet.
  • What factors aid in minimizing the risk of your pet becoming lost.
  • What new technology is available to help in the case of a missing pet.

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Podcast: Summer Dangers You May Not Have Considered...

It’s been a toasty summer so far in Cleveland. Dry days and high temps have us talking about summer safety and accident prevention with Dr. Patrick Mahaney in this edition of our monthly podcast. Lots of new and trending topics to discuss, including:

  • Dry drowning: what is it and what are the risks?
  • Scary Stuff: taking a holistic approach to storm and firework anxiety
  • Bloat: who is at risk and how to prevent gastric torsion
  • Helping Kitties: preparing cats for a comfortable stay with sitters during your summer vacation
  • Wildfire safety: planning ahead for yourselves and your pets

What summer risks have you encountered so far in 2016? Anything our listeners should be aware of? Post a heads up or a question in the comments.

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Podcast: Preventative Care - Fleas, Ticks, and Titers... Oh My!

It's that time of year - summer has arrived and we’re all scrambling to get our pets up-to-date on their flea/tick/heartworm preventatives. Not to mention the vaccinations, check-ups, and prescriptions for allergy meds. Before you get caught up in the chaos, take a few minutes to listen to our latest podcast. Dr. Patrick Mahaney will be talking about:

  • What to expect from fleas and ticks in 2016
  • What’s safe and what’s effective when it comes to flea and tick prevention
  • Saving money on pet meds: are online pharmacies the way to go?
  • Titers: what are they and are they the right move for your pet


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Podcast: Pet Poisoning Risks

A few months back there was quite the scare about feeding dogs peanut butter. It wasn’t actually the peanut butter, but the artificial sweetener, Xylitol, found in some peanut butters that was making pets sick.

Occasionally there are new hazards like this introduced to our pets, so we wanted to take a few minutes to talk with Dr. Patrick Mahaney about some of the latest trends in pet poisoning and toxicity.

Dr. Patrick will talk a bit more about the Xylitol risks, as well as other common household items that may pose a threat for your pet. Some of them might surprise you.

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Podcast: Dr. Mahaney's Tips for All Ages

We Embrace pets of all ages, young and old, and everyone in between. So, we wanted to chat with Dr. Patrick Mahaney about all the things that come with different ages and stages, including health, behavior, exercise and diet. Tune in to our latest podcast to learn more about:

  • When we should consider our pets adults or seniors, and what does that even mean
  • Helping senior pets have a healthy diet
  • How to safely exercise your pets, young and old alike
  • What the routine checkup requirements are for your pets as they age

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