Dog or Cat Protective Head Cone

Sick_cat_1 Queen_elizabeth_i_1 Did you ever wonder what the proper name for one of those weird head cones that cutely frames a cat or dog's head when you need to stop them from bothering a wound they have on their bodies (either their heads or their bodies depending on where it is)? Elizabethan Collar. It's pretty self-explanatory really when you see the kinds of ruffs the Elizabethan men and women used to wear in those days.

I know you are sitting on the edge of your seat for this one but it's called an

[BTW I picked my pictures before I took a look at the Wikipedia entry for an Elizabethan Collar - I suppose it's kind of an obvious comparison isn't it? Especially my kitties above :)]

Update: check out this cool alternative to an e-collar that Lea blogged about over at the Embrace Pet Community blog. No need for such an "Elizabethan" look any more.

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