January is Dog&Cat Behavior Month at Embrace Pet Insurance

Perhaps you are reminiscing about how good your cat or dog was in 2011? Or perhaps there were some "behavioral episodes" during the year that could be worked on in 2012. I'm thinking of our neighbor's dog hoofing it down the road with glee while neighbor cursed loudly chasing after her.

This month, we're talking about all aspects of dog and cat behavior - from teaching my cats to walk on a leash (no idea how that's going to go) to medical issues caused by behavioral issues such as rock eating and separation anxiety.

Do you have any questions or situations to share with us? We can explore any topics you would like to discuss.

In the meantime, here are two dogs that taught themselves to slide in the snow - oh the joy of it!

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January is Dog & Cat Behavior Month at Embrace Pet Insurance
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