Cruciate Ligament Surgery: Barron the Pit Bull Mix

Barron Continuing Orthopedic Month at Embrace, I wanted to give you an example of how a persistent limp can turn into $7,000 of veterinary bills.

Here's the story of 5 year old pitbull mix Barron, who had not one, but TWO cruciate ligament injuries, requiring two major surgeries.

Barron's symptoms were not immediate, nor persistently bad, but his lameness flared up and down, particularly when he played hard. After a month or two of these symptoms, his owner took him to the vet and the cruciate ligaments were diagnosed by X-ray.

Here's an example of the costs associated with one of those surgeries performed in April 2009 in Newburgh, NY:


NYS Mandated Biological $ 4.50
Operating Theater $ 17.30
Surgical Pack And Disposables $ 32.00
Surgical Pack $ 39.50
IV Cath /SQ Fluids $ 50.00
Injections - Multiple $ 50.50
OR/Orthopedic $ 94.50
Anesthesia-Isofluorane $ 152.60
Cruciate Ligament Repair $ 2,250.00
Fentanyl Patch 5 day Pain 50ug/hr $ 71.00
Fentanyl Patch 5 day Pain 25ug/hr $ 39.00
Technician Assistant $ 41.00
Nursing $ 14.80
Morphine Inject $ 0.00
Telazol $ 0.00
Convenia Cefovecin 2 wk injection $ 105.00
Hospitalization $ 74.50
NYS Mandated Biological $ 4.50
Medicated 2x daily $ 29.00
Nursing $ 14.80
Tramadol HCL #10 Qty 20 $ 25.15
Rimadyl 100mg Qty 14 $ 47.37
$ 3,157.02

Barron2 Remember, this is just one of two surgeries that Barron had to have for a total cost of treatment of $6,989.99.

Tom, Barron's owner says "After hearing horror stories from a friend about their dog and the costs involved with treatments he received, my wife and I looked into pet insurance and decided that Embrace was the way to go. Barron had to have not 1 but 2 major surgeries on his rear legs, after injuring one while playing, and the other by chasing after animals in our back yard. He also suffers from hip dysplasia."

Read more about Barron's cruciate ligament rupture claim over at the Embrace website.

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