$3,565 Claim: Puppy attacked by neighbor's dog

Akita_puppy_before_dog_attack A 3 ½ month old Akita puppy was playing in his own back yard when he was attacked through the fence by the neighbor’s dog. The neighbor’s dog had such a fierce grip on the puppy's leg, he had to be forcibly pulled off by the puppy's owner. By that time, the puppy suffered some major trauma to the leg including two broken bones.

After the traumatic attack, the puppy's pet parents rushed him to the emergency room in shock themselves after witnessing such a horrific event. The veterinary staff initially feared that Storm would have to have his leg amputated because of the severity of the trauma and cost of repair; however, thanks to advancements in veterinary medicine they were able to save the leg.

Thankfully, they had signed up for Embrace Pet Insurance only 11 days earlier, otherwise cost would have been a serious concern. Both the owner and the veterinarian were able to focus on the puppy’s care and do what was right for the circumstances.

Akita_puppy_right_after_dog_attack_3Cost of surgery and subequent visits: $3,565.15

Reimbursement: $2,268.60

Policy details:

Annual Premium: $325.44 before neuter discount of 5%

Policy choices made: $200 per year deductible; 20% copay; $5,000 annual maximum; the drugs and dental extension was not selected; continuing care extension was selected

Akita_puppy_recovered_after_dog_att The owners were very pleased with the amount they received back as it was what they'd expected from the policy they had designed for their puppy.

They had opted not to select the Drugs and Dental extension when they purchased their policy (about $416 of the claim was for drugs), and during one of the surgeries, the puppy was neutered (routine care is excluded). The costs of these items make up the difference along with the annual deductible and per claim co-pay.

We're just delighted at Embrace to have been part of the puppy's care and recovery.

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