Claim example: new Ragdoll cat in the house

Lady Izza Bella Ragdoll Cat lounging
Little Lady Izza Bell, the lovely Ragdoll with the prettiest cat eyes you’ve ever seen.  When this kitten arrived she came with a laundry list of preventative care that she’d need to undergo for the first year, including flea prevention, vaccinations and a spay.  Fortunately, Lady Izza Belle’s folks were smart enough to sign her up for Wellness Rewards Plus, granting them a $400 allowance to help with
these costs.


Lady Izza Bella Ragdoll Cat

Exam 1 was $43.50 to get her checked out and give her her first flea prevention. 

Two weeks later came another exam and boosters for $102.26.  Just before her spay her vet ran a pre-anesthesia blood screening for $92.50.  The $161.74 remaining went toward her spay, which cost a total of $464.

Total Spent on preventative care between 8/19/11 and 10/10/11: $702.81

Total Reimbursed $400.

Total cost for her wellness rewards coverage was $28.95 a month, which allowed her to spread the cost of Lady Izza Bella's care over the year and save $53 as well. That's like 2 month's of insurance premiums for free!

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Claim example: new Ragdoll cat in the house
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