Paws for Japan Day today

Cat escapes tsunami in Japan If we'd seen a movie of what is now going on in Japan, we'd say it was too far-fetched, to incredible to be believed. An earthquake, a tsunami, and a nuclear event at 4 reactor in the quake zone. What next - Godzilla and a meteor?

But we're seeing and believing it now as the awful events unfold with perfect clarity and horror. One minute, life is normal; the next, nothing will ever be the same again.

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Donate to Best Friends Animal Society


"A better world through kindness to animals"

Since we announced the Embrace Pet Insurance alliance with the Best Friends Animal Society, several people have asked me how they can donate to Best Friends.

The easiest way is to go online and make a donation directly - just click the button up above and you're on your way. Or fax or mail in a donation in using this form.

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Embrace Pet Insurance partners with the Best Friends Animal Society

Best_friends_animal_society_logo As you can see from today's press release, we've partnered up with one of the most influential rescue organizations in the US, the Best Friends Animal Society. I'm so excited about this partnership, I think I'm about to burst open!

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Consider at donation to projects at this holiday season

Donorschooseorg We recently received a gift certificate from Google as a result of our paid search spending over 2007.

Just when I was getting really excited about spending it on a coffee machine for our new offices (more on that in another post), Alex pointed me in the direction of and told me to spend spend spend.

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Low Cost Spay/Neuter Programs

RingoWe pet parents are pretty much accustomed to getting our pets their regular puppy or kitten boosters and can schedule the spay or neuter as soon as the vet recommends it so that these costs are spread out over several months. 

But after a life out in the great unknown, Nugget had a bit of veterinary care catch up to do.  The costs of her vaccinations, heartworm test, health check and basic puppy necessities (crate, collar, toys) added up quickly.Climber

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Help raise $2.2 million to help cure canine cancer

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