Blog clean up - what I've been up to lately

Some of you may have noticed that I've played around with the look of the Embrace Pet Insurance blog.

No, I haven't changed the mast head, although that's on the list for a future distraction, but I suddenly noticed that my blog had a case of tweak-itis. You know - a tweak here, a tweak there, and all of a sudden, you wind up with a bunch of clutter that distracts from the scintillating topic at hand (that being pet health insurance of course!) 

So, I've done a bit of a spring cleaning (says she, up to her armpits in snow) and focused on minimalism for now - until I tweek it again of course :).

For those of you looking, the list of all the pet insurance companies in the US, Canada, UK and rest of the world are in the Useful Pet Insurance Resources section.

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