Funny searches that reach my blog

I always marvel at how people get to my blog - check these out:

  1. plastic surgery procedures gone deadly wrong (in google images - ew!)- wow, that made my heart quicken until I clicked on it and discovered a cute picture of Lily my cat - very bizarre!
  2. why would a cat sneeze - probably the same reason the chicken crossed the road
  3. pet insurance stocks - can't wait for us to go public :)
  4. fun facts about an actuary - see, someone thinks actuaries are fun!
  5. my mom told me to type in vet insurance - quite right too
  6. why is it illegal to spay your pet in norway - I did not know that
  7. who bought a stake in southampton f c - not me
  8. koi pet insurance - I think we'll stick with cats and dogs for now
  9. hamster fun facts - what's not fun about a hamster?

    and the most surprising of all...
  10. Hottub_calvin hottub black girls (also google images) - likely the searcher would be very disappointed to find the cutest picture of Calvin the Labrador Retriever in the hot tub!

Ah, Friday fun!!! Gotta love it.

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Millie's Million: center of learning for canine cancer

Cece_at_work We recently received a new claim for lymphoma in a female 3 year old mixed breed dog called Red. Lymphoma is a cancer of the lymph nodes, which can be treated successfully with chemotherapy.

Red's care, spread over 3 months, has cost $4,300 so far, paying for initial symptoms of panting and overheating to her chemotherapy treatments. There will be further follow up care, likely putting the total vet bill for her lymphoma over $5,000.

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Competition for bloggers

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