January Focuses on Aging Gracefully

No matter how hard we try to stop it, we’re all constantly getting older. An adorable, cuddly puppy or kitten only stays that little for a short time before he or she grows into a mischievous adolescent, dignified adult, and finally a sweet senior.

This January, we’re focusing on how to help our pets age gracefully. From feeding the proper food for each stage of life to preventative veterinary care and proper exercise, there are lots of things we can do to assist our pets as they age.

We can’t stress enough that this isn’t just a topic for pet parents with senior dogs and cats. Each stage of our pets’ lives bring new triumphs and challenges. Any good pet parent wants to keep their pet happy and healthy for as long as possible. To do that, we need to start being proactive when our pets are young.

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Hey - it's my 1000th post on the Embrace Pet Insurance blog!

It's hard to believe that 999 posts ago, I wrote the first Embrace blog post called "What am I trying to do?" on April 28, 2005. As an entrepreneur, I have no time to look years ahead in the future but I must admit, years ahead, it is certainly darn satisfying to look back.

Just to backtrack, the Embrace blog came about as follows.

Alex Krooglik and I (Laura Bennett) were part of the team that won the 2003 Wharton Business Plan Competition with a pet insurance idea (I know! Who'd have thunk it). Once we graduated, we decided that pet insurance is what we wanted to do with our lives and thus Embrace Pet Insurance was born in July 2003. Several years went by (raising money is a cinch compared to finding an insurance partnership) and we sold our first policy in October 2006. Things keep getting better ever since.

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Announcement: Embrace Pet Insurance partners with The International Cat Association TICA

TICA Ooh ooh! Some exciting news I've been dying to share.

We at Embrace Pet Insurance have partnered with The International Cat Association (TICA) to provide discounts and pet health insurance education to TICA's members and pet owners.

Rainbow kitty While I do love dogs (having grown up with many different canine characters through to my adulthood), I've most recently had only cats in the house (young family, young company, neglected husband - no time to care properly for a dog - yet!) so I'm very happy with this relationship. Cats get the short end of the stick when it comes to pet insurance so hopefully our relationship with TICA will change that.

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Celebrating Embrace Pet Insurance's 3rd anniversary - hello to year 4!

Can you believe it? Three years ago, in October 2006, we sold our first Embrace pet health insurance policy. Yes, it was to cover Lily, my newly rescued cat, but it wasn't too long after that that a brave soul, who wasn't a friend or family or a competitor, also bought an Embrace policy too - much to our delight and amazement.

Embrace Pet Insurance website Oct 2006 We've come a long way from only being able to sell policies over the phone (it was another 6 months before we launched our first e-commerce website) and the only information about our policies was on this very blog. I'm still amazed that people actually picked up the phone and called us to buy a policy. We appreciate it very much.

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Embrace Pet Insurance joins NAPHIA

Naphia NAPHIA is the North American Pet Health Insurance Association and Embrace is the 5th member to join (see bottom of this post for the other members).

I'm not one for joining organizations (I have better things to be doing with my time right now) but I thought this is one was worth the time and effort.

Pet insurance is only going to grow if pet parents know more about the benefits of pet insurance and we (embrace) can't do it by ourselves.

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Blog clean up - what I've been up to lately

Some of you may have noticed that I've played around with the look of the Embrace Pet Insurance blog.

No, I haven't changed the mast head, although that's on the list for a future distraction, but I suddenly noticed that my blog had a case of tweak-itis. You know - a tweak here, a tweak there, and all of a sudden, you wind up with a bunch of clutter that distracts from the scintillating topic at hand (that being pet health insurance of course!) 

So, I've done a bit of a spring cleaning (says she, up to her armpits in snow) and focused on minimalism for now - until I tweek it again of course :).

For those of you looking, the list of all the pet insurance companies in the US, Canada, UK and rest of the world are in the Useful Pet Insurance Resources section.

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Funny searches that reach my blog

I always marvel at how people get to my blog - check these out:

  1. plastic surgery procedures gone deadly wrong (in google images - ew!)- wow, that made my heart quicken until I clicked on it and discovered a cute picture of Lily my cat - very bizarre!
  2. why would a cat sneeze - probably the same reason the chicken crossed the road
  3. pet insurance stocks - can't wait for us to go public :)
  4. fun facts about an actuary - see, someone thinks actuaries are fun!
  5. my mom told me to type in vet insurance - quite right too
  6. why is it illegal to spay your pet in norway - I did not know that
  7. who bought a stake in southampton f c - not me
  8. koi pet insurance - I think we'll stick with cats and dogs for now
  9. hamster fun facts - what's not fun about a hamster?

    and the most surprising of all...
  10. Hottub_calvin hottub black girls (also google images) - likely the searcher would be very disappointed to find the cutest picture of Calvin the Labrador Retriever in the hot tub!

Ah, Friday fun!!! Gotta love it.

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Millie's Million: center of learning for canine cancer

Cece_at_work We recently received a new claim for lymphoma in a female 3 year old mixed breed dog called Red. Lymphoma is a cancer of the lymph nodes, which can be treated successfully with chemotherapy.

Red's care, spread over 3 months, has cost $4,300 so far, paying for initial symptoms of panting and overheating to her chemotherapy treatments. There will be further follow up care, likely putting the total vet bill for her lymphoma over $5,000.

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Competition for bloggers

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