How to Add Your Cat to Your Policy for Pennies a Day

Far fewer people insure cats than dogs. Yes, dogs cost more overall, but that just means that cat policies are much less expensive than dog policies.

So why no pet insurance love for cats? Well, I’m here to say you can have your cat coverage AND save money too. In fact, adding a cat to your dog's policy is so inexpensive, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it earlier.

How can that be? Let’s check the math.

multi-pet discountSay I have insured America’s favorite family pet, a 3 year old Labrador with a $300 annual deductible, $10,000 annual max, 80% reimbursement, and Rx drug coverage. That would cost me $39.38 per month (with the ACH discount as of Dec 23, 2014). Now, if I add my 3 year old mixed breed cat to the policy with a $500 annual deductible and $5,000 annual max (most common for cats), my premiums only go up $8.35 a month - less than 28 cents a day!

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January is Eye Care Month at Embrace Pet Insurance

IMG_3459Back in 2001, my cat Simon started to be concerned about his left eye. He'd rub it, and rub it some more, and then really had go at it until it was so swollen, he couldn't open it - all in the span of two days.

I took Simon to a local cat vet and we tried putting an antibiotic cream into his eye but he'd rub it out so fast, it hardly made a difference. I tried an E-collar but that didn't seem to help the condition (and he was a houdini when it came to the collar). So, off to the kitty opthamologist at the Veterinary Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Her assessment was that if we couldn't fix the issue, Simon was going to lose his eye. I couldn't believe it!

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Guest Post: Summer Dangers with Dr Patrick Mahaney

Today we're continuing to chat about summer dangers for your dogs and cats at Embrace Pet Insurance, and Dr Patrick Mahaney chimes in on the topic.

Here are some of the questions we cover in this podcast:

Kayla This may be silly, but when we got Tucker (a lab/golden retriever mix), he had lived primarily outside for his first six months, and his nose was all black. He's been a mostly indoor pet for the year we've had him, and now his nose is pink and black. With spending more time outdoors in the summer months, will his nose darken again? Should we do anything to keep it from darkening? Is that a puppy

Kate: Should I do anything different or be extra cautious about sun exposure for my black Doberman? It seems like he could overheat quickly being so dark or am I just thinking that because I know what it's like to wear dark colors outside and be sooo hot?

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Learn about Embrace and Pet Insurance directly from the Chief Embracer's mouth, Laura Bennett

Over the previous winter, we worked on a fun project to put together some videos of me talking about different aspects of pet insurance. For your viewing pleasure, they are now up on YouTube on the Embrace Pet Insurance Channel.

The topics include:

Why Should I get Pet Insurance?

Researching and Buying Pet Insurance

How Pet Insurance Has Changed

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Is it possible to train a cat to walk on a leash?

We shall see!

When we think of the term "pet behavior", we think of issues, like chewing or inappropriate urination or freaking out in a thunderstorm, not something more positive like getting your cat to walk on a leash. So I am taking up the challenge of training my cats to walk on a leash.

I have two indoor cats, Rocket and Rosie, who are 2.5 years old and have never gone outside. Here's a quick video introduction to them. 

I know they'd like to go outside but I'm committed to keeping them out of harm's way so we asked JoyKatz if we could test out some of their beautiful handmade walking jackets for cats.

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Winter Dangers: Protecting Our Pets Against the Extreme Cold

I received a question come up about the real cold and dogs - you know, the kind where your nose hairs freeze when you go outside. Here's the Q&Amp;A for your reading pleasure.

Q: I would like to see more on the dangers to our pets from minus temps like we had in the Denver area last January. Our dog would go out and start limping after just a few moments. What should you do and what should you be watching out for in sub zero temps? Our pets need to go out--but what can we do to protect them from such extreme cold?

A: I asked a variety of folks to answer this one - from veterinarians to people with dogs in cold climes, and here's what they had to say.

From Dr Riggs:

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Pet Insurance 101: a wellness/illness split claim

Lucydog-Daisycat-TennaRasmussenIt's been a very long time since I've written about the nuts and bolts of pet insurance. Since this is a pet insurance blog, let's blog about pet insurance!

Question: what happens to Embrace Pet Insurance claims where there are wellness and accident/illness items on the same invoice?

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Pet Insurance and Divorce

Bud Face on At Embrace Pet Insurance, a number of divorce or separation situations have come up and the following scenarios and solutions untangle the complexity so you can get what you need for you and your pets with minimal anxiety.

Scenario 1: you have sole custody of the pets and you have always owned the pet insurance policy yourself

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Ten Things You Can Do to Enhance Your Embrace Pet Insurance Experience

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