National Holistic Pet Day

Grace in Flowers Yes, it's today, August 30, 2011.

I know there's a day for everything (didn't we just get through National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day?) but when it's for something I want people to know about, then count me in.

But first, what does holistic mean? According to the Oxford Dictionary (which I use because I can't help it, I'm British amongst other things):

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Welcome to my fellow Blogpaws bloggers


Yay! You made it to my blog. Lovely to have you drop in. 

This month, we're focusing on pet obesity but there's a lot to read on pet health and pet insurance - if you can't find what you are looking for, just let me know.

If you are interested in guest blogging for me, check out my Guest Blogger Guidelines and let me know what you are thinking. I don't have too many guest bloggers but I love the ones I have.  

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What does a healthy dog really look like?

IMG_0927I met a new friend Zoe on vacation recently.

My family and I were in northern Minnesota at a cabin and we went to get gas in our boat at the local supplies store. As we pulled up at the dock, a very enthusiastic dog named Zoe ran up to us and dropped a pine cone onto one of the girl's lap and stood there expectantly, wagging her tail and quivering in anticipation of the game of fetch she was hoping we'd participate in.

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How many calories a dog or cat should eat a day?

Have you ever counted calories to manage your own weight? Have you ever done it for your cat or dog? Every snack and treat you give your pets adds more calories to their diet and could be sabotaging the diet you have them on.

Today, Dr. Rex Riggs discusses how many calories your dog or cat needs and how many extra calories different treats add to their diet. You might be surprised by what you read.

Dr. Rex Riggs is the owner of Best Friends Veterinary Hospital in Powell, Ohio. He is a veterinarian, and an Advisory Board member of Embrace Pet Insurance.

677092_hungry_dog I wish I had a dime (OK…$10) for every time one of my clients said “but it was just a little piece….” when describing the table scrapes or cookie they gave their animal. 

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Top 5 tips for running with your dog

One effective and fabulous way to keep your dog's weight down and her health up is to have her run with you (or you run with her - whatever suits your style).

About a year ago, I took up running so I could stay healthy into my old age. I don't have a dog and none of my three cats are very interested in getting up so early to run with me but I've often thought how nice it would be to have a canine companion trotting along with me in the early hours of the morning.

Talking to people who run with their dogs, here are few pointers to help you get started running with your dog.

Before we get to the tips though, consider what type of dog you have. I don't know about you but I haven't seen too many people running with their yorkies or mastiffs - they were just not born to run.

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